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We are delighted and honored that so many of our nearest and dearest

will be a part of our special day!


                 Sara’s Attendants                                                        Chaffin’s Attendants

               Virginia Snider Carter                                                         K. Colton Braud, III

               Chaffin’s Sister                                                                  Chaffin’s W&L Friend


              Caitlin Noel Fay                                                                 Oliver Carter, III

     Sara’s Niece, Daughter of Jimmy and Kristen Fay                     Chaffin’s Brother in Law


            Elizabeth Rose Fay                                                              Robert Barton Decosimo

   Sara’s Niece, Daughter of Terrence and Jeanne Fay          Chaffin’s Godson and W&L Friend


            Regina Carmella Fay                                                               Edward Herndon Inge

   Sara’s Niece, Daughter of Bryan and Chrissy Fay                     Chaffin’s Childhood Friend


            Kathleen Madden Keenaghan                                                   Dillon Taylor Moore

            Sara’s Cousin                                                                          Chaffin’s Childhood Friend


            Fay Regina Rizzuto                                                                  J. Harris Oswalt, Jr.

   Sara’s Niece, Daughter of Gina and Danny Rizzuto                         Chaffin’s Childhood Friend


            Regina Fay Rizzuto                                                                  David Andrew Will

            Sara’s Sister                                                                             Chaffin’s W&L Friend


                                    Sara’s Nephews Will Serve as Our Ushers


            Daniel Gerard Rizzuto (Sara’s Godson)                          Bryan Richard Fay

            Michael August Rizzuto                                                 Emmett James Fay

            James Stuart Rizzuto                                                      Sons of Bryan and Chrissy Fay

            Sons of Gina and Danny Rizzuto


            Matthew Paul Fay                                                           Donovan Slattery Fay

            Patrick Cahill Fay                                                            Son of Terrence and Jeanne Fay

            Sons of Jimmy and Kristen Fay                                      


Sara's Nephew Will Serve as the Ringbearer

Callahan Joseph Fay

Son of Terrence and Jeanne Fay and Sara's Godson

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